Bohemian Chapter – Installation

On Wednesday 18th April 2018, Bohemian Chapter No: 3294, held their Installation at Clifton Road, Birkenhead. The Chapter received Ex.Comp Philip Edward Rowland, Second Provincial Grand Principal of the Province of Cheshire along with a number of guests.

The Installing First Principal of the Chapter, Ex. Comp Mike Ross performed a faultless Ceremony which saw Ex.Comp John Kassim, 1st Principal, Ex.Comp Tony Meadows, 2nd Principal and Comp Andrew Kelly, 3rd Principal, all installed in their respective Chairs. During the evening Ex. Comp Philip Rowland, was presented with a Cheque in favour of the Cheshire Freemasons Charity, in the sum of £150.00.

Prior to the commencement of the Ceremony, 9 new Exaltees were successfully Balloted for, which is Bohemian’s effort in helping achieve, The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Stephen Blank’s vision, of 150 new members during the next 12 months.

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