Area 2 – White Table Events

On Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd of March, three of our Lodges held white table events to welcome guests who are Non-Masons, to meet the Lodge members and find out, informally a little more about Freemasonry,

On the Thursday evening ‘James Thompson Lodge’, meeting at Clifton Road, welcomed six none Masons to their Festive Board along with a further two guests from another Lodge. This has resulted in two showing a firm interest in joining. On the same night ‘Buckingham and Chandos Lodge’ held their own White Table event which was equally successful.

The Area 2 Chairman John Miller, was also pleased to present Paul Lucock, the fourth winner of the ‘Spot the Maul’, with his cheque for £100.00.

On Friday 23rd March, ‘Belgrave Lodge, No:5711’, which meet at Queen Street, held a White Table Event also to introduce the fraternal aspects of Freemasonry to a number of non-Masons. The Lodge was delighted to welcome eight non-Masonic and two unattached guests to enjoy an evening of hospitality and a splendid meal.

The Lodge was supported with the presence of WBro Gary Horstman PSGD, (APGM Area 2), in which Queen Street is now part, as well as WBro Mike McGarva, PSGD (PAPGM) and WBro John Miller PProvSGW (Area 2 Chairman), as well as a number of regular Lodge guests.

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