Area 2 – Two Lodges Work Together 

On Saturday 5th May 2018, The Good Companions Lodge, No: 6759 (Clifton Road), welcomed The County Palatine Lodge, No: 6856 (Queen Street), to a Special Meeting.  Working together they ‘Passed’ Bro. Robert Rigges, in an Excellent Ceremony, which was supported by Visitors from far and wide including West Lancs and North Wales.

Area 2, APGM, WBro. Gary Horstman was pleased to attend and was supported by Five Grand Lodge Officers and his Area Chairman WBro. John Miller, who all witnessed an Excellent Ceremony with The Worshipful Master of Good Companions Lodge, WBro. Henry Bull, performing a near flawless ritual included a superb delivery of the extended version of the Second Degree Tracing Board,  Bro. Nick Corbett, The County Palatine Lodge, explained the Working Tools, again in the rarely used extended version in an equally exemplary manner.

Amongst the guests were two FellowCrafts, Bro. Phil Nastasie (Grassendale Alliance Lodge, West Lancs), and Bro. Peter Booth (Mold Lodge, North Wales).

The Worshipful Master of The County Palatine Lodge, WBro. Richard Mainon, was pleased to reply on behalf of the Visitors and thanked the Brethren of The Good Companions Lodge for agreeing to undertake the Passing of Bro. Robert, which had greatly helped them, as with a number of candidates wishing to join, and only having four meetings a year, assistance with some ceremonies was much appreciated by the Lodge.

WBro. Horstman, in his reply to Toast number 5,  congratulated both Lodges on their close collaboration, which of course, serves to strengthen the bond between Lodges within Area 2.

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