Area 2 – Master and 1st Principal’s Annual Dinner

Wednesday Evening, 31st January 2018, saw Area 2 celebrating their annual Master and Principal’s Dinner at the Orchard Suite, Ellesmere Port. Following the re-organisation of the Areas, it was a chance for the Wirral Brethren to mingle with those from Chester. Over 60 Brethren/Companions attended and a strong Provincial representation were also present, including W.Bro. David Dyson (DPGM), W.Bro. Gary Horstman (APGM Area 2), Ex.Comp.Philip Rowland (SPGP), Ex.Comp. Ken Mallon (APGP Area 2) Richard Dobbing (APGP Area 2 Designate) and Ex.Comp. Stephen Christian (APGP Area 1).

W.Bro. David Dyson (DPGM) addressed the meeting regarding the future of the Province, W.Bro. Gary Horstman (APGM Area 2) spoke about the technology being introduced to help make most correspondence, with Provincial Grand Lodge, paperless, in the near future and Ex.Comp.Philip Rowland (SPGP) encouraged the Brethren to seek out new Chapter Members but not to force younger Brethren into the fraternity if they didn’t have the will.


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