Area 2 Masons Working in the Community

On Sunday 13th January, WBros Neil Eaton, Mal Cooke (both Phoenix Lodge) and WBro Garry Cowling (Minerva Lodge), donated their time to help the Wirral Hospice, St Johns, Clatterbridge to collect and recycle Christmas trees, at various locations on the Wirral.
This fundraising event is organised annually by the Hospice, with Wirral residents donating £5 to have their trees collected from their homes and recycled.
The Brethren were suitably attired in Cheshire Freemasons hi Viz vests, during their toils, which took them across the Wirral from Eastham to West Kirby and using the van and fuel also kindly provided by WBro Gary, managed to collect an estimated £500 to £600 for the Hospice, and thoroughly enjoyed their day, albeit at the cost of later finding some unwanted pine needles falling from their clothing, when they got home