16th January 2017 – W Bro Jim McKeeman celebrates 60 years

On 16 January 2017 W Bro Jim McKeeman celebrated 60 years as a Member of Craft Freemasonry. He was Initiated in Scotland and eventually moved his Masonry to the Province of Cheshire. During his Masonic life, he obtained Grand Rank in most of the orders he joined and became the head of the Order of the Secret Monitor.

A retired Police Officer he brought his attention to detail into his Masonic Ritual and he is well known throughout the Province for his excellent memory.

As you can see from the photograph his big event attracted not one but three Assistant Provincial Masters and the Deputy Provincial Grand Master who took the Chair to present Jim’s history.

The Lodge Room was packed with 78 Masons from Grand and Provincial Officers to Master Masons.

A great night for Runcorn Hall and Cheshire Masonry.