University Lodge of Chester – Initiation

On Tuesday 20th March 2018, University Lodge of Chester admitted their latest member at their home in Queen Street, Chester. Mr. Patrick A.J. Leary-Kiernan was ‘Initiated’ in a superb and perfect ceremony that would bring tears to the eyes of any long term Mason.

The young members of University Lodge, worked with confidence and precision, enjoying every moment of the ceremony. They conducted the candidate, took part in the North East corner, presented the tools and assisted with the charge after Initiation with absolute precision and without hesitation.

At the Festive Board they all enjoyed each other’s company over a glass of wine and a fine meal. The meeting was supported by four Past and Present Assistant Provincial Grand Masters, who were more than pleased at the manner in which this Lodge is moving forward. The Lodge now have eight ‘Entered Apprentices’ and more students from the University of Chester who wish to become members of this very happy and buoyant Lodge.

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