Wirral Luncheon Club

The Wirral Luncheon Club, meets during the Masonic season each month to enjoy the company of its membership, which consists of Grand and Provincial Grand Lodge Officers. A healthy well cooked meal was enjoyed in the very pleasant surroundings of the Ship Hotel Parkgate. presided over by our Chairman, Alan Dickson.

Each meeting we are enlightened or entertained by a guest speaker, and on this occasion, we were honoured when at the invitation of our Immediate Past Chairman Harry Shone, our Cheshire Provincial Grand Master, Stephen M. Blank accompanied by his wife Marilyn agreed to dine with us. As is usual, our guests are required to “sing for their supper”, and as well as a free lunch they receive a cheque from the Wirral Luncheon Club members as a charitable donation. No exceptions!

   L to R Harry Shone, Alan Dickson, the PGM Stephen Blank, Mrs Marilyn Blank.

We were enlightened and informed with warmth and a little humour by our PGM, who described his masonic journey filled with hard work and good fortune from apprentice to his current position of PGM. For Cheshire.  The fact that there were no questions proffered after the talk, was due to the content of the talk and not fear.

The lunch closed with the presentation of a cheque to our PGM in the name of the Cheshire Masonic Covenants Ltd. As a reward for the kind support of Mrs Blank in not only allowing our PGM day release, but accompanying him, she was presented with a floral tribute.

We thank them both for their time and friendship. Maybe again next year?