The Volvo Challenge

After seeing the donation by the Province, supported by Area 1 to ‘Stick and Step’, the charity for children with Cerebral Palsy, Dale Bland, a mason from Thermopylae Lodge decided to look at raising money for this local charity.

As a garage owner he decided to try the Volvo Challenge, which was to take a battered 1975 Mark 1 Volvo 244 back to the Volvo factory in Sweden. Supported by his Lodge and Area 1 donation, Dale, his wife Tanya and two colleagues, Brad Stevenson and Steven Giles set off at 9.30pm on the Thursday of the Easter Bank Holiday.

Arriving at Dover at 5am on Friday morning, the coast of France soon came into view. After a long drive through France and Belgium the late afternoon saw a tired Dale driving in the Netherlands. Stopping at a campsite near Maastricht he asked if he could look around before stopping for the night. Deciding that it was indeed a good place to stop he asked how much, the owner seeing the car with all the charity logos said there would be ‘no charge’ and wished him and his party a safe journey.

Germany then Denmark and across the bridges that go on forever into Sweden. Stopping at Copenhagen for a break and to see ‘The Little Mermaid’ it was then onto Gothenberg and a successful outcome arriving at the Volvo factory.

There was little time to savour the success as the journey back was now to be made only this time taking the ferry back to Germany missing all the long bridges. Finally after another long journey, arriving home tired but happy in the knowledge that the 2,682 mile journey had raised approximately £3,500 for the charity.

Dale and his team with Mrs Galaxy UK and
Mayor and Mayoress, Cllr Dave and Sue Mitchell
outside Stick ‘n’ Step in Wallasey.