The Next Generation is Installed as WM of Manor Lodge 4202

WBro Richard Massie was Installed as Worshipful Master of Manor Lodge 4202 on Saturday, February 28th, 2015.  He was Initiated into Freemasonry by his father, WBro Steven Massie PPrGSuptWks, on April 27th, 2006, when he was 18 years old.  WBro Steven subsequently Passed and Raised his son over the following 12 months.  His Uncle WBro Paul Massie PAGDC, APGM for Area 1, was delighted to be one of his Presenting Officers at the Ceremony.  The Representative of the RW Provincial Grand Master at the Installation was WBro Albert Cross PJGD.

Richard is keen on his Masonry and is also a Member of Seacombe Chapter, Birkenhead Mark and Birkenhead RAM.


Masons en Massie at Manor Lodge

WBro Steven Massie PPrGSuptWks, WBro Richard Massie, WBro Paul Massie PAGDC

2 thoughts on “The Next Generation is Installed as WM of Manor Lodge 4202

  1. It was a privilege and an honour for the many visiting Brethren to witness a young Master Mason follow in his Father’s footsteps and take the office of Master at Manor Lodge 4202. Richard John Massie just 27 years old looked very comfortable as he took control of his lodge for the first time and looked every inch the seasoned professional. His Father, WBro Steven J. Massie PPrGSuptWks, could not help but be extremely proud and moved by his Son’s investiture and rightly so, as he is a credit to both his Father and Manor Lodge. Another distinguished member of the Lodge, WBro Paul A. Massie PAGDC, AsstProvGM was undoubtable equally proud and pleased for his Nephew.

    The meeting was very well attended and everybody witnessed an outstanding ceremony ably lead by WBro Stephen Austin as the Installing Master, who was faultless in the execution of his job. Equally pleasing was the quality of the hospitality of the festive board, good food, drink and excellent company. Manor Lodge can be equally proud of themselves as well as the young master that has taken the chair, I hope to return and visit again very soon.

    W.Bro Eric A. Skillen ProvGStwd.
    Wallasey 3036

  2. What a lovely afternoon and evening. My congratulations both to Richard and all who took part.
    Particular thanks to Paul for his invitation. I was accompanied by 6 members of Caradoc Lodge
    1674, and all were very impressed by the work in the lodge and the convivial atmosphere at the festive board. I thank you all for the warmth of your welcome and excellent hospitality

    W.Bro John R. Mival PAGDC

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