Special Event at Moreton Lodge

Moreton Lodge Oct 2015
Bro Stephen Leahey, Moreton Lodge’s new Candidate, relaxes after an excellent Festive Board with WBro Paul Massie (L) and WBro Dave Dufley, WM


Moreton Lodge celebrated a special event at Neston on Thursday 22nd October. Not only did they initiate their first Candidate in three years, they did it in the presence of WBro Paul Massie PSGD, the Assistant Provincial Grand Master for Area 1.

26-year-old Stephen Leahey of Prenton was proposed by his friend and fellow Rugby player, Bro Rob Johnston, and will lower the average age of the Lodge by several years.

A comment was made that he will also raise the average IQ by several points but this is disputed by the older Brethren! Although slightly bemused after the ceremony, Bro Stephen stated that he had thoroughly enjoyed it and was now looking forward to making progress in the Lodge. His brother, who unfortunately was unable to attend this evening, is also a Mason and there will, doubtless, be sibling rivalry, tempered by visits to each others Lodges.

In his first ceremony since taking the Chair, WBro Dave Dufley performed a superb ceremony with the Working Tools being explained by the Junior Warden, Bro Steve Evans, and the Charge delivered by WBro Ernie McAllister PPrJGW.

The APGM congratulated all the Officers on an exemplary ceremony and invited Bro Leahey to sit with him and the Grand Officers in the East for the rest of the meeting.

The Brethren of Moreton Lodge welcomed their new Brother and expressed a hope that he would encourage further members of his club to join the Craft, although several Brethren panicked at the thought of being asked to join in a scrum.

Story and photo submitted by Harry Finn