Prostate Cancer Screening Area1

 A1_prostate2_web Area 1 prostate cancer screen 31/10/15 image 1

Blood letting began early this Halloween, as 145 Area 1 Masons took a positive step in monitoring their own well being by attending the latest round of Prostate Cancer Screening tests.
Perhaps spurred on by the alarmingly high level of positive results in other Areas, the main dining room at Wallasey Masonic Hall was at times chaotic but the whole session was professionally managed by volunteers from the Leighton Hospital Prostate Cancer Support Group.

Those attending were asked to assist with additional research by providing a urine sample as the charity, Medical Detection Dogs, was also present. The charity trains sniffer dogs and is working towards early detection of many human diseases. With the aid of the canine nose it may soon be possible to develop a test superior to the current PSA test and increase survival rates of those suffering from this killer disease.

Gary Steele, MBE was presented with cheques totalling £2280 as part of the Provincial & Area support for LHPCSG