Prince Llewelyn ready for a Traveling Ashlar Raid on January 2nd.

The Travelling Ashlar
The Travelling Ashlar


Prince Llewelyn Lodge 4596 which meets at the Masonic Hall, Manor Road, Wallasey,  would like it to be known that the Traveling Ashlar is ready to be claimed from them at their next meeting on January 2nd 2016.

They welcome Members of any Lodge wishing to ‘raid’ them to become an Ashlar Knight!

Please inform the Lodge Secretary, W.Bro. Les Bale, with your intentions and details prior to their next meeting, and advise if you wish to dine.

Prince Llewelyn are the 1st Area 1 Lodge to have claimed the Rough Ashlar and look forward to handing it over to the next Lodge who wish to claim it from them.
story and photograph contributed by Steve Parker