New Wheelchair for Member’s Nephew

Earlier this week I received a letter from WBro Dave  Seabridge which shows the true meaning of being a freemason – Charity. From monies raised by many masons and others Larry Phillips, WBro. Dave’s nephew, has now received a brand new wheelchair to assist him with his mobility problems. An extract from Larry’s letter is reproduced below.

A belated confirmation that I now have the new chair, some pictures of me in it are
enclosed.  I have had some problems in getting the lockdown mechanism fitted into my car to
allow me to drive from this car but a meeting today seems to have confirmed a
solution is possible and should be in place in a week or two.

Because of my broken leg I have not, as yet, been trained in the standing operation but that is now scheduled for Friday. As you can see from the elevation mode, it will reach up to a good height.

Larry in elevated position of his chair
























Please again thank your fellow Masons at the various lodges involved, this is a much
better chair and I am grateful for the support I have received.

Larry’s full letter can viewed by clicking on the link below.

Masons thankyou letter 3