New Brighton Lodge No. 2619 Third Degree Ceremony

At the meeting of New Brighton Lodge No. 2619 on Wednesday February 15th, Bro. Thomas Doerfel Hill was Raised to the Third Degree by W.Bro. Paul Swift PPrGStwd assisted by W.Bro. Harry Shone PPrGSwdBr, the Lodge Director of Ceremonies.   There were a number of visitors present on the evening, including W.Bro. Paul Anthony Massie PSGD, APGM for Area 1 who congratulated the Officers of the Lodge on the standard of the Ceremony and Bro. Thomas on his being Raised to the Third Degree.

Photo L to R: W/Bro. Paul Anthony Massie, PSGD, APGM for Area 1, Bro. Thomas Doerfel-Hill, Bro. Paul Swift, Bro. Ian Lewis W.M. New Brighton Lodge 2619.