The evening of October 20th saw the 558th meeting of Marlowe Lodge No 6506 and the Installation into the Chair of King Solomon of our new Worshipful Master, WBro David Wakelam.

W.Bro Dave is in his second period of membership with Marlowe Lodge, his first having been cut short by a call to serve Her Majesty at a posting in Germany. Due to the nature of his work for Her Majesty in the Intelligence Service, much of his work has been subject to a “D Notice”. However, I am assured that nothing contained herein needs any form of redaction !!!!!

At the time of his posting, WBro Dave was in the position of Senior Warden in the Lodge and due to become Master Elect and then installed as Master at the October meeting that year. At that time, WBro Trevor Parry, Dave’s proposer into Freemasonry was in the Chair of King Solomon and due to install Dave as his successor at that meeting. Unfortunately, as has been said, Dave had been posted by that time. During his period overseas, Dave did not allow his Masonic career to wane, but joined a “forces Lodge” Brittannia Lodge No 843 and was for his first time, installed into the Chair of King Solomon in that particular Lodge.

However, some 12 years later, Dave, having returned to the U.K. was able to return to his Mother Lodge and resume his Masonic Career where he had left off. The outgoing Worshipful Master . WBro Bill Lucas, very graciously offered the Chair and therefore the pleasure of Installing Master to WBro Trevor, who was then able to install his candidate into the honourable office albeit some 12 years late!!.