Hoose Lodge Consecration and Report

Hoose Lodge was Consecrated on the 9th February last, and we were very fortunate to get dispensation to propose Mr Jason Earwaker-Walker, at that meeting, to be a candidate for Freemasonry. We were also given dispensation to ballot and Initiate him at our first meeting in March.


The Photograph shows [from left to right] Worshipful Brother James T. Hardman PProvSGW who is the Senior Warden of the Lodge, Worshipful Brother Arthur J. Roberts PProvJGW – Master of Hoose Lodge, the Candidate Brother Jason Earwaker-Walker, and Worshipful Brother David Perkins, Junior Warden of the Lodge.

Brother Jason had great delight in making two propositions for Initiation; one for his son and the other for his friend. The two gentlemen will be formally proposed in April at our next regular Lodge meeting, and I will have great delight in seconding those proposals.

At our first meeting we had some six joining members balloted for and welcomed into the Lodge. At our next meeting we will be having another joining member, and a proposal for a further 4 more Candidates and one other joining member, with two more to join in the pipeline.

Hoose Lodge is going from strength to strength, and we hope that it continues to do so. We will be having a night of celebration on the 25th of June at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel in Hoylake – a Ladies Night with a mix of celebration of a new Lodge in Hoylake and a way of saying a huge thank you to our partners.