Hall-Stone Jewel(s) Remembrance Meeting

On Friday evening 2nd November 2018, Leverhulme Lodge No. 4438 was proud to host the Hall-Stone Jewel Commemoration under special dispensation at Christleton in the presence of the RW Provincial Grand Master Stephen Martin Blank and RWBro Brigadier William Shackell, CBE, PJGW, PGrand Secretary together with the Provincial Leadership & other distinguished guests.  In total some 173 Brethren of all ranks were in attendance.

L-R: RWBro Brigadier William Shackell, CBE, PJGW, WBro Steve Byrne WM Leverhulme Lodge 4438, RWBro Stephen Martin Blank PGM

There were originally 12 Hall Stone Jewel Lodges within the Province but now we have only 9 and they were all represented at this historic meeting, with representatives from each Lodge giving moving ‘Remembrance Reflections’ of Lodge Brethren who had served and in most cases ‘fallen’ in the Great War of 1914-1918

The main temple was full to capacity for the ceremony which included an enthralling and informative lecture on the origins of the several Hall-Stone Jewel(s) by WBro Joseph Khalil-Marzouk, PAGDC. A Hall-Stone Jewel was issued to those Lodges whose members had donated an average of 10 Guinea’s or more per man (10 Guinea’s = approx £670.00 in today’s currency) towards the construction of what we know today as Freemasons’ Hall but which was originally called the ‘Masonic Peace Memorial’.

Pictured: RWBro Stephen Martin Blank, RWBro Brigadier William Shackell, CBE, PJGW together with representatives of the 9 Hall Stone Lodges and the Provincial Leadership.

There were several different Jewels, made of either, Gold, Silver or Silver Gilt which were issued dependent upon how much the Lodge had donated. The Jewel is worn by the Master of the Lodge and is handed on at each Installation meeting from successor to successor in perpetuity.

An ‘elbows-in’ Festive Board saw the 173 Brethren ‘squeeze’ into the main dining suite and following this WBro Peter Carroll, PJGD, presented a cheque to RWBro Brigadier Shackell on behalf of the CFC to the Soldiers, Sailors & Air Force Assoc (SSAFA) in the sum of £5,000 with each of the 9 Hall-Stone Jewel Lodges also making individual cheque presentations.

As ever, RWBro ‘Willie’ gave an occasionally amusing but overall very informative explanation on the history & objectives of SSAFA, and assuredly made his way back to London knowing that once again the ‘Oldest Province in the English Constitution’ had well and truly shown Freemasonry in its finest light.

It would be remiss if this report did not mention the efforts that WBro Paul Cavanagh, DC of Leverhulme Lodge has put into organising & co-ordinating the event over the past 18mths. His hard work and dedication was rightly commented on by the RW Provincial Grand Master at the Festive Board and was met with warm and wholesome acclaim by all present.

Further information on the Hall Stone Jewels can be found by clicking on the following hyperlink to the UGLE Museum: http://freemasonry.london.museum/it/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/The-Hallstone-Jewel.pdf


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