Glasgow visit by Cheshire Journeymen

Cheshire Journeymen on a recent visit to Glasgow, consisting of 38 Brethren from 14 different Lodges, enjoyed a visit to Lodge Langside 955 in the Province of Glasgow on the Friday evening where we were greeted by Deputy Provincial Grand Master Andrew Mushet and witnessed an excellent First Degree Ceremony.  Attended by 115 brethren we were suitably fed and watered at the Harmony. 

On the Saturday we returned to St John’s Operative Lodge 347, a lodge we visited last year.  The RWM Neil Scott Harper came to meet us all at the hotel and directed the coach to the hall.  The meeting started at 3.30pm and we  witnessed an Excellent Second Degree ceremony.  The Harmony afterwards lasted till 2.00am the following morning. With the English brethren doing their fair share on the Karaoke to entertain our Scottish Hosts.   Looking forward to next year. 


One thought on “Glasgow visit by Cheshire Journeymen

  1. I was fortunate to be one of the Cheshire Journeymen that travelled to Glasgow last weekend, where we visited two lodges; Lodge Landside 955, Clifford St, Ibrox, G51 1QP on the Friday and St John’s Operative Lodge 347, 5 Melrose Ave, Rutherglen, G73 3BU on the Saturday. I was keen to promote the TLC as it is still in it’s early stages in Scotland.

    The Cheshire Journeymen raised a collection to enable me to give out lapel badges free to our Scottish Brethren, which in turn induced donations from them. A grand total of £225 was raised from this annual trip to Scotland and thanks go to both the Cheshire Journeymen and the Scottish Brethren for their generosity.

    The trip organiser is W.Bro Steve Taylor, past and current master of Seacombe Lodge.

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