Freemasons help Local Nature Charity with Funding.

iPLANit KIDS  want to bring a diverse range of subjects to the community which haven’t been explored before. They want to educate iPLANit KIDS not to take things for granted from nature and understand how things are made by nature instead.
By engaging with local businesses and other like minded organisations, such as ourselves, they will be able to deliver professionally run events with quality tuition bringing a range of events and Children’s workshops into the heart of their communities.
A donation of £660.00 from the CFC fund will be used towards educating children about how important Bees are to the environment.
Bees evolved about 150 million years ago there are about 20,000 bee species. Honey bees are the only insect in the world that makes food that we can eat
We’re planning a few trips with the Children to Ness Botanic Gardens to educate them about Bees this year, especially the Honey Bee.
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Garry Usherwood (Area 1 Charity Steward) Alan Williams (Prince Llewelyn Lodge) and Stacy Conroy iPLANit Kids rep.

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  1. One of the most interesting projects I have had the opportunity to work on and look forward to helping children Learn along the way.

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