Do you know these Freemasons ?

Cheshire Masons at Lodge Kildalton


Key to Cheshire Masons



In 1987, 30 Cheshire Freemasons based in Neston on the Wirral, made their first visit to Lodge Kildalton No. 552 ( Scottish Constitution) on the isle of Islay. This was the first of what became a regular series of biennial visits that continued for many years, until Lodge Kildalton went dormant in 2012.

The Museum at Port Charlotte has a section dealing with Lodge Kildalton which includes the above photograph, they would like to be able to complete the Key document naming all present on that first visit.

The Mason sat in position 25 was the Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Argyll and of the Isles Right Worshipful Brother Geoff Spearman

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  1. No.14 is Tony Frain.
    I dont know of his welfare but he was a member of Moorside Lodge as were many of the others.

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