Demonstration of First Degree Lecture at Grosvenor Lodge

Last Monday evening (April 20th) Grosvenor Lodge laid on  a demonstration of the 1st degree lecture. This was well attended by both members of Grosvenor Lodge and many visiting brethren including a distinguished guest from Bermuda. Truly an amazing evening.

Lodges who are putting on such different events other than the usual demonstration of ritual, are seeing large numbers of visitors coming along to observe and of course, joining members at the Festive Board. This must be good for Freemasonry.

At the same meeting long time Secretary of Grosvenor Lodge, WBro Hugh Fleetwood, who is also Chairman of Area 1 for the Province of Cheshire, was presented with an engraved Waterman Pen, no doubt to persuade him to remain as secretary, and also a unique, commissioned drawing of himself being presented to the Grand Master in commemoration of his forthcoming promotion.

Hugh Fleetwood
Hugh Fleetwood

3 thoughts on “Demonstration of First Degree Lecture at Grosvenor Lodge

  1. Well done to all on the night also a big thank you to our visitors I enjoyed it a lot

  2. I am so proud to be a member of Grosvenor and all the brethren worked so hard for months in the lead up to this demonstration…
    It was a wonderful evening of learning spent in the company of many distinguished brethren, many congratulations to our WM Russ !!!
    Also many congratulations to WBro Hugh on his pending promotion, we are all so proud of you !!!

  3. This is the best lecture I have ever seen I stayed awake right through it, all those involved where fantastic, I am looking forward to the next instalment, bring it on Hugh” :;!

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