Community Grant to Troy Lockyer

WBro Garry Usherwood was pleased to meet Troy Lockyer on Monday 6th July, just before he was due to take another trip down to Great Ormond Street Hospital.  Troy was born with a very rare bowel condition, which means his bowel does not work. at 4 weeks old he had an operation resulting in having an ileostomy bag. He spent most his first year in Liverpool Alder Hey childrens hospital. and has been in and out ever since. Troy also has a peg to feed and administer medication straight to his gut. Troy was referred to Londons Great Ormond Street Childrens hospital at 4 years old and they have discovered he has chronic inflammatory bowel disease which is eating away at his insides and causing many narrowings including his colon. He has faced many problems over the years but remains a happy little boy with a great personality. He loves one direction and enjoys singing along to their songs. He suffers so much but never complains.

The Cheshire Freemasons Charity received an application from Moreton Lodge on behalf of Troy.  £500 from the Community Grant was approved and Troy’s parents Stacey and Mike were really appreciative of the help and wished to thank all Freemasons for the assistance they have given.

Troy Lockyer
Troy enjoying a day out