Albert Anyon PPrJGW 50 years of service to Freemasonry in Cheshire

1st December 2016 Neston Lodge 6702 celebrated the magnificent achievement of WBro Albert Anyon PPrJGW 50 years of membership and service to Freemasonry in Cheshire at the tender age of 92 years. The celebration was presided over by the Assistant Provincial Grand Master WBro Paul A. Massie PSGD. and a retinue of provincial officials. Including representation from Scotland.

Albert was born 20thJune 1924 and raised in Neston and has lived in and remained a part of the village all his life. Albert was initiated into Neston Lodge exactly 50 years ago, on 1st December 1966. A very detailed and well researched biography was delivered by WBro Paul Massie with sincerity, feeling and humour. WBro Paul was escorted to the celebrant where he presented a Certificate signed by the Provincial Grand Master. To the great surprise and shocked amazement of Albert, he was then the subject of a Field Promotion to the rank of PPrSGW to the delight of all present.

The gavel was then returned to the Worshipful Master WBro Malcolm Johnson, who also was presented to the Celebrant where he congratulated Albert on behalf of the membership and presented a Masonic Regalia Case as a token of thanks and respect.

The sick and underprivileged children of our community have long been the chosen benefactors of Neston Lodge charitable donations and to honour the occasion two cheques were presented on the evening. One cheque was for Claire House Children’s Hospice and the other for the South Cheshire Masonic Golf Society for the sole purpose of raising funds for the purchase of very specialised and expensive mobility wheelchairs for those children who would otherwise be static.

Neston Lodge generously support and commend both charities.

The festive board gave the Brethren a more informal opportunity to mingle and relax. The food and wine were excellent and enjoyed by all present, at a happy and most enjoyable Festive Board. A rewarding, fulfilling and relaxing end to a magnificent and memorable evening.