A Tale of Two Provinces

Grosvenor Lodge badgeOn Monday 18th April 2016 the team at Grosvenor Lodge  No 4312 performed an excellent ceremony to pass Brother Paul Rimmer to the Degree of a Fellow Craft. 

What was unique about this meeting was that Grosvenor Lodge was conducting the ceremony on behalf of St Deiniol’s Lodge No 3273 in the Province of North Wales. This was the first time this had happened in St Deiniol’s 108 year history and required special dispensation from both Cheshire and North Wales provinces. 

The result was an excellent ceremony that was really well received and followed by a festive board with a number of visitors from 6 different lodges across the provinces. This all made for a fantastic evening that will be remembered by all who attended.

A reciprocal agreement will see St Deiniol’s perform a passing ceremony on behalf of Grosvenor in the new season and further develop an excellent relationship not only between the two lodges but also between the provinces. 

On the same evening, Grosvenor further demonstrated how it’s recruitment and retrieval strategy is paying dividends with the successful ballots of one rejoining member and two new initiates that will come into the lodge in October 2016.