Area 1 Brethren visit to The Tithebarn

The Tithebarn RMBI Home in Crosby is the nearest Masonic home to Area 1 Masons. To help to promote the home in Area 1, whilst at the same time giving the residents and staff of the home an Easter surprise, Gary Usherwood Area 1 Chairman, thought of the idea to donate chocolate Easter eggs to the home. Lodges in Area 1 were duly asked to donate Eggs, and the Easter Egg run was organised. A small delegation (so as not to overwhelm the residents) of Area 1 Masons and partners promptly delivered 100 Eggs to the Tithebarn. Permission had been given by the Provincial Grand Master for Brethren to wear Regalia, and the delegation made an impressive sight, as they entered the home, laden with the chocolate gifts.

The Brethren were greeted by Lawrence Scott and John Stallard, the President and Chairman of the Friends of Tithebarn, both West Lancashire Masons, who also joined the Cheshire Brethren in full regalia. The Cheshire brethren were warmly received by all the Staff and Residents of the Tithebarn, who were delighted with their gifts of Easter eggs. The Cheshire Brethren spent the afternoon mixing with the residents and staff of the home and were given an informative and eye-opening tour of the home including the award- winning dementia unit, by Mary (home supervisor) and John (Chairman).

W.Bro. Jeff Cunningham, APGM Area 1, said a few words to thank the residents and staff for allowing us all into their home, whilst also expressing his thanks to all the Brethren and Lodges in Area 1 who had supported and assisted the venture, as well as those Brethren who helped in the organisation of the day. Linda Johnson the Home Manager expressed her gratitude and informed us that the residents and staff of the Tithebarn had all had a fabulous afternoon.

This was a very successful Area 1 event, which the organiser’s feel will become an annual one.Thank you to all the Lodges in Area 1 who contributed eggs and supported on the day, and for Province for allowing us to wear Regalia, which the masons in the home appreciated.If any Brethren know of a mason or the partner of a mason, who may be eligible for a place in the Tithebarn RMBI home, subject to meeting the criteria for admission, please contact the Area 1 Almoner, in confidence; –

W.Bro Geoff Lloyd Area 1 Almoner and Cheshire Almoner for the Tithebarn.
Mob: 07818657042

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